otk kart parts
Connection Kit Standard for M4 - M5 - M6 front fairing
Connection Kit type CIK for M4 - M5 - M6 front fairing
M4 front fairing with CIK supports
M4 front fairing with supports
M4 front fairing without supports
M4 front spoiler
M4 lower spoiler's support
M4 side box
M5 front spoiler
M5 lower spoiler's support CIK
M5 lower spoiler's support Standard
M5 Rookie front fairing without supports
M5 side box
M5 upper spoiler's support CIK
M5 upper spoiler's support Standard
M6 - M7 upper spoiler's support
M6 front fairing with supports
M6 front fairing without supports
M6 front spoiler
M6 side box
M6 Standard lower spoiler's support
M7 CIK lower spoiler's support
M7 front spoiler kit
Micro front fairing
Micro front spoiler
Micro side box
Micro upper spoiler's support
Mini Kid, Mini EXP side box
Spoiler front fairing